Robin Wilton

Robin Wilton

Director, Internet Trust


I’m the Internet Society’s Director for Internet Trust, helping to advocate for an Internet that fulfils people’s expectations of privacy, security, and trustworthiness.

My 35 years in the IT industry have given me a solid technical background with experience in systems engineering, consultancy, program management, and policy-level advocacy. I translate between stakeholders in technology, policy, and business, aiming for technology-driven innovation that is secure, sustainable, and ethical.

What I enjoy most about my work is its diversity, and the challenge of understanding complex technical, commercial, and policy issues enough to provide thought leadership, education, and effective advocacy. My philosophy is fairly consistent: to keep developing the influence I am able to apply at the CxO and policymaker level, while maintaining a sustainable work/life balance. 

In pursuit of the latter I enjoy exploring other languages and countries, photography, aikido, and solving the practical problems of maintaining a 150-year-old house.

Image credit: © Jordi Ruiz Cirera/Panos

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