Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell

Senior Communication and Technology Advisor


In my role with the Internet Society, I seek to listen to and share the stories of the Internet technical community as well as develop relationships with and form dialogue between this community and the wider Internet community.

I like to think of myself as a storyteller. My background is in science (biotechnology) and science communication (master’s in science communication, Australian National University), so I’m not a technical native. However, I was lucky to learn a lot from them and share their stories in my seven years overseeing the APNIC Blog and PING podcast.

Prior to my time at APNIC I worked at Australia’s oldest science communication consultancy working on various communication, interpretive, and outreach projects related predominately to climate change and environmental and agricultural sciences.

I’m a father of a cuddly, inquisitive boy, a husband to a stylish doctor in entomology, and I enjoy the outdoors and searching for local street art and street food in new cities and towns when I travel.