2015Internet Society

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A Global Community

  1. 1 New Special Interest Group created
  2. 7 New Internet Society Chapters recognized
  3. 97 Countries with Internet Society Chapters
  4. 100 Participants in Chapter Leaders Workshops
  5. 113 Internet Society Chapters currently active
  6. 143 Internet Society Organization Members
  7. 80,000+ Internet Society Global Members
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People Who Make A Difference

  1. 21 Internet Society Ambassadors to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Brazil
  2. 39 Policy guests attended Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meetings
  3. 42 Internet Society Fellows participated in IETF meetings
  4. 47 Chapter projects received funding from the Internet Society
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  1. 10 Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) were launched with Internet Society involvement
  2. 14 IXP training activities organized by the Internet Society
  3. 15 IXPs leveled-up with Internet Society involvement
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Reaching Out
Around The World

  1. 77 Increase in number of www.internetsociety.org visitors using mobile devices, in percent
  2. 400 Attendees at Internet Society ION conferences
  3. 27,770 Followers of @internetsociety on Twitter
  4. 62,399 Number of Internet Society website visitors from social media
  5. 182,761 Likes for the Internet Society on Facebook
  6. 2,380,056 Visitors to www.internetsociety.org
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The Internet To Collaborate, Share And Learn

  1. 65 Events streamed on Internet Society and Chapter channels
  2. 555 Posts on the Internet Society blogs
  3. 1,000+ Internet Society self-paced online learners
  4. 78,000 Views of Internet Society and Chapter livestreamed events
  5. 1,000,000+ Minutes viewing events on Internet Society and Chapters livestream channels
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To Advance Our Shared Vision

  1. 15 Regional nodes in cities around the world
  2. 142 Countries represented by attendees
  3. 1,900+ Members participated in InterCommunity 2015
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A Community Platform

  1. 48 Active communities on the ISOConnect platform
  2. 5,101 Content contributions made to the ISOConnect collaboration platform
  3. 9,943 Internet Society Members logged onto ISOConnect
  4. 21,803 Total logins to the ISOConnect collaboration platform
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  1. 21 Countries with Internet Society Staff
  2. 38 Languages spoken by Internet Society staff
  3. 87 Internet Society staff members