17 November 2014

Internet Society 2015 Action Plan

In the next year, the billions of people that use the Internet today will face opportunities and challenges that promise to decide whether this global network of networks continues to foster innovation, promote collaboration, and support social progress for themselves, and the billions more that have yet to connect. If we, together, are able to respond to these challenges and opportunities with sufficient force and urgency, the children of today will benefit from the same kind of Internet we have enjoyed for the past three decades. If we fail to respond, however, we — and they — could lose the essence of the Internet today and the unimaginable innovations it would spark tomorrow.

The Internet Society can and must take the lead in responding. We take on this task, not just because the Internet Society is for the open Internet, but also because we are of the open Internet. We were founded by Internet pioneers. Our culture embraces the openness that pervades the Internet itself. Our community spans the diversity of Internet users and uses around the globe.

And, we work to build the Internet while clearly focused on a larger purpose — to ensure that it continues to support innovation, economic development, and social progress. We will continue to build and sharpen our position on the interaction between the Internet and fundamental human rights. Ensuring the “Internet is for everyone” is not just an organizational slogan, it is intrinsic to our organizational genes.

Even as we build on this tradition, we will take a step up to match the growing importance and increased attention the Internet garners today. We also know that success requires focus. In the coming year the Internet Society will be turning its attention to the most urgent issues, imparting the greatest impact, and keeping our aim on an Internet that is open, secure, resilient, and growing. To that end, and as detailed in the plan that follows, we have identified four key areas of action in the coming year.