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Action Plan 2018

The Internet is a force for good and we must work together to keep it that way.

The Internet has become increasingly central to many of our lives and societies, allowing us to accomplish things in moments that less than a decade ago were impossible. For communities coming online, the Internet is a connection to opportunity and empowerment.

At the same time, as we look around and ahead, the forces at work to shape the Internet’s future are increasingly divergent from values that powered its past. The growth in the number of connected devices has opened cracks in our shared security. Broad and long-standing norms that have ensured the Internet’s smooth operation are diluted by the pursuit of narrowing interests. One-size-fits-all business and policy models have edged out innovative approaches to connecting the next billion people. The rise of consolidated centers of power and control has undermined collaborative processes and distributed responsibility. Open standards are being abandoned in favor of closed platforms.

We are at a pivotal moment in the Internet’s development. We risk losing the opportunity to shape the Internet’s future if we fail to act. To meet the challenges we face, we are organizing our efforts into three interconnected areas of work:

  • Undertaking sustained and comprehensive campaigns to advance a set of focused priorities through positive action,
  • Strengthening and extending the Internet Society community and organization to build a stronger foundation for realizing our vision, and
  • Fostering and incubating initiatives that respond to a changing environment and position our community for future success.

This approach is informed by the 2017 Global Internet Report: Paths to Our Digital Future which collected and crystalized the diverse views and perspectives of a global community that cares deeply about how the Internet will evolve and how it will impact humanity over the next 5-7 years. Beyond identifying key issues, the process of developing the report demonstrated the capacity of our broad community to join together to make a difference in the world. In the coming year, we are more explicitly in our plans harnessing the potential of this collaboration. And, we will further invest in strengthening our global community and the organization that supports it.

We believe the voices of people around the world are key to the Internet’s future. 

The Internet fuels individual empowerment and collaborative innovation. Supporting and engaging people who use the Internet are our highest priorities; they have been our common and enduring causes. We have pursued these goals for 25 years, and the Internet Society community is uniquely positioned to advance them in the coming years.  During the 2017 InterCommunity event, thousands of us gathered together to celebrate our 25th anniversary with the energy and conviction we need to move boldly into the future.

It is our concrete conviction that in these challenging times we must act. We must focus. We must proceed with urgency. We must prioritize achievement over activity. We must sustain our efforts. This is our plan to do exactly that.

Achieving focused impact through a new approach

For 2018, we have developed sustained and comprehensive campaigns to advance a set of focused priorities through positive action. Each of these campaigns organize a wide range of activities to achieve a well-defined outcome.

Over the past several years, the Internet Society has built on its foundation as a trusted resource for information about the Internet to become a force that catalyzes and effects actions vital to the Internet’s future. In 2018, we intend to continue along this path, working with members, Chapters, and partner organizations to not only inform discussions about the Internet, but to instigate the critical conversations and inspire actions by those who can advance our shared priorities. We have the ability to shape tomorrow if we are able to apply talent, resources, and commitment from across our community.

Our community, our organization, and our funding provide strong foundational pillars for this work. Our global community includes leaders from industry, government, and the broadest reach of the Internet. The Internet Society staff themselves are global leaders in their fields, driven and united by a passion and commitment to our mission. And the Internet Society enjoys a stable organizational structure and funding model, allowing us to make long-term plans. These foundational elements underpin the approach we will take to advance our priorities.

With these elements in mind, we have developed sustained and comprehensive campaigns to advance a set of focused priorities through positive action. Each of these campaigns organize a wide range of activities to achieve a well-defined outcome. There are three further tenets that guide each campaign. First, we hold a broad vision of an Internet that is open, global and secure. Second, we are not tightly bound to a limited set of actions, and will be flexible and creative in the means we employ. Third, we know that our efforts, to be successful, must be sustained over several years.

Additional details about the campaigns, including the drivers behind them, the approaches we will take, and the specific objectives for each, are provided below.

Building a stronger Internet Society community and organization

The Internet Society mission is realized through our vibrant community and powered by a strong organization.

In 2018, we will continue to support Chapters as they make key contributions to our global priorities at the local level. We will work with Organization Members to more closely align shared interests and priorities, and to further strengthen the Internet Society organization itself to be agile and forceful.

Nurturing new initiatives to respond to a changing environment

As the environment in which the Internet Society operates evolves, so must our approaches to addressing the challenges we face.

Part of the Internet Society’s work in 2018 will be to begin and incubate initiatives that address opportunities and requirements that have presented themselves as we have pursued our mission. These initiatives aim to build new avenues to increase the effectiveness of our key priorities and mission, or to reinforce in new ways our existing efforts.

Directing resources to accomplish our objectives

Our 2018 Action Plan is supported by a Financial Plan that ensures the Internet Society remains fiscally strong and operates in the most effective manner as a charitable not-for-profit entity. The Action Plan ensures that available resources are dedicated to achieving the greatest impact while the Financial Plan allows us to clearly execute, stay aligned with our resources, and chart a roadmap for future opportunities.

2018 Budget

Summary Statement of Activities2018
Unrestricted Internet Society Revenues(all amounts in US $000’s)
Memberships, Sponsorships, Grants & Contributions$4,111
IETF Meeting Registrations, Hosts, Sponsors$3,911
Public Interest Registry Contribution$34,612
Total Unrestricted Internet Society Revenues$42,634
Internet Society Expenses2018
Core Programs$5,682
Organization & Operating Costs$24,522
Board Governance$300
IETF Expenses (excluding Capital)$7,030
Net Surplus/(Deficit)$0
Interest and Currency$500
Net Unrestricted Surplus$500

2018 Revenue Plan

Our 2018 Revenue Plan totals US$42.6 million with the annual contribution from Public Interest Registry (PIR) increasing in 2018 to US$34.6 million. Internet Society-generated (non-PIR) revenues of US$8.0 million are based on readily identifiable sources from members, sponsors, contributors, grantors, and meeting registrations. During 2018, our revenue generation will focus on organization and individual members, as well as establishing corporate partnerships. In 2018, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) fundraising efforts will continue to center on increasing funds raised to sponsor IETF meetings, as well as increasing registrations.

Projected Revenue By Source

2018 Revenue Plan
(amounts in US$000s)
Organization Membership & Individual Donors$2,191
Internet Society Event Sponsorships$235
Corporate Partnerships$125
Event Registration$240
Grants & Contributions$1,320
IETF Meeting Registrations, Hosts, Sponsors, Other$3,911
Total ISOC Generated Revenue$8,022
Public Interest Registry Contribution$34,612
Total Revenue by Source$42,634

Internet Engineering Task Force

The 2018 Financial Plan provides significant support to the IETF, which reflects the Internet Society’s commitment to the IETF’s importance as the premiere Internet standards organization. The work of the IETF, including the emphasis on improving the technical underpinnings for security and online privacy, is central to sustaining the Internet’s openness and innovation.

Summary of Activities: IETF 2018 Budget

IETF Revenues
(amounts in US$000s)
Hosts & Sponsors$1,794
Registration Fees & Other$2,117
Total IETF Revenues$3,911
Operation Expenses$7,030
ISOC Direct Contribution (excluding Capitalized Development)$(3,119)
Capitalized Tools Development$200
Total ISOC Direct Contribution$(3,319)
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As we conclude the Internet Society’s 25th year, we are at a pivotal point in the development of the Internet itself. The need for an open, global Internet remains clear, yet challenges abound. Merely observing current trends or hoping others will act are not viable options. We are confident that our energized and focused approach in 2018 will result in greater effect, and better support our global community.

While there is much to do in the coming year, and beyond, this plan aims to prepare us all for the work that is yet over the horizon. We are energized by the opportunity, and the necessity, to do this work well, and committed to a sustained effort. We understand that realizing the potential of billions of Internet users today—and even more importantly the potential of billions of people yet to connect—rests on realizing our vision for its future.

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